Sunday, February 22, 2015

Currently stoked on Vol. 232342

Currently stoked on: Darjeeling Tea. Flipper's Guitar. University of Utah Library. Having a job. Not having work until Thursday. Listening to Blur with Cat Behind Glass. New band with Rocky Maldz. Hanging out with Andres. Big Star. Not having beef with anybody and Sbarro.

Not stoked on: Cigarettes. Not having money. Our shower being broken. Not having a girlfriend. Thinking about ex-girlfriend. Anything that isn't Flipper's Guitar.

We're (Super 78!) Playing A Show Tuesday w/ Colbalt Cranes.

Hey everyone. I'm playing bass with Super 78! tomorrow night at Diabolical records. We're playing with sensational group Cobalt Cranes. Come out for solid tunes, lots of feedback/jams, and good times. (Diabolical Records. Thanks Adam!)

I'm currently doing well; not super well but well. The kettle broke. Ugh. Tap water Tea it is for awhile.

Hats off to Nina Simone and Pharaoh Sanders. 

(You (are) loved.) --Kai. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

How To Clone John Lennon The Right Way.

First step: Acquire John Lennon DNA from source. Source could include oils/skin cells on old guitars/equipment, strands of hair, Sean/Julian, ect.

Use DNA to clone John Lennon body/brain. Body would be discarded after process. Brain may be kept for further mapping/storage.

Use neural mapping technologies to create a model of John Lennon's brain. Brain would be stimulated to approximate events in his life until maturity.
  1. Events could be changed to create, "alternate universe" John Lennons.

Use neural map to create simulated reconstruction of John Lennon's brain inside computer. Computer will need significant computing potential. Cluster arrays may be useful.

Use hologram technologies used for 2Pac to reconstruct visual copy of John Lennon's body.

Use sophisticated computer algorithms as control for hologram. Seed data would be provided for by previously mentioned reconstruction of John Lennon's brain.


Set up installations throughout major cities where one can interface with the LENNONBRAIN at will.

All you need is love.