Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Rain-- KATstep

Mew mew disco track. :3


"Ravens!" --Kai.

Great effing rehchords: Dubstar- Anywhere.


Sarah Blackwood. <3

Playing around with logic. American Transcendentalism.

Premise A: The concept, "destiny" or "a destiny" is contained in object "A" Human.

Premise B: the identity of, "destiny" can only be known post-Priori.

Premise C: Let Set C be a superset of all sets of information, including the concepts included in object A.

Premise D The identity of all set contained in Set C can be know A priori, even if accessing this informaiton is trivial.

Conclusion: The identity of a human's destiny can be known A priori.



New Disco Music. The Rain. Kaistep9.

Get down loves. Get down.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Radiohead in the 80s and the Oxford music scene.

Click the link. --Kai.

The Rain-- Michelle McGoldrick (New Single)

This is our latest single. It's a house/disco track. The bass is really bumping so listen with something boomy. Stay sharp and please recycle.

Kai plays a magic flute made by Yamaha.

Yolla. (Yo. Ya'll. Holler. :3) This is a quick demo I made of a Yamaha Wind MIDI controller being played through Spectrasonics Atmosphere. I love it. I can't play it skillfully and don't know what any of the notes are, but I absolutely love it. I think it's good to engage in things one doesn't understand. It leads to progression.
Today should be good. I hope it will be good.

Djembe Djountry Jusic. Jove Jeajother.

Some new music from a little while ago. Jam session in my basement.
Kai-- Guitar.
Justin-- Electric Guitar
Paul-- Djembe
Check out my YouTube here:

Mai stanky fresh neu ride.

Hey this is my new ride. Habitat. Spitfire. Thunder. You know. I learned how to do non little-kid kickflips today. Feels alright.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Creative Commons: Field Recording: Dawn.

This is a field recording taken from my porch. I recorded it with the little bricky, grey thing that has two mic inputs on it. I think it went pretty well. I like recording with the portable recorder more than my MacBook. The battery lasts longer. Maybe I'll get one of those IPad cover things that has a mixer built in. That'll be sweet.

I'm selling my car and buying a Rickenbacker 12 String next week. Don't tell my parents. They're gonna be pissed. It's ok though. I'll use that shit to take over the world. My evil scheme is coming together nicely. Lord don't slow me down.

Oh. I recently became a Mormon. It's pretty great. I don't call it Mormonism or LDS though. I call it Love or Celestial. My brothers and sisters spend way too much time trying to convert people, and too little time celebrating the essence of God inside them. That's ok though. I get it. I'm not going to put their work down. I'm still going to do my thing though. I'm kicking cigarettes, coffee, tea, (save White Tea) and meat (save Fish) but I'm still going to drink beer, wine, and smoke weed and do acid and stuff sometimes. It's all a matter of taste. God wants us to be tasteful. That's what I think anyways. I could be wrong. I'm still an American Transcendentalist. Still a Christian. Still me, I've just given up on that bullshit, teenage rebellion phase. I'm evolving. Becoming enlightened (Kant) It feels good.

This is the clip. It's Creative Commons so use it to your liking. The photo is Creative Commons too, so if you find a tasteful to use it, feel free. If you use it distastefully (I don't know how you could) then shame on you I guess.


"I make films and records. You might think they're shit, but let's see all the records and films you've made. Oh wait. You haven't made any. That's right."
--In a slightly rude mood. Kai.

Rain VLOG: Electronic Beats + Guitar.

Getting my New Order vibe on. I think we might be the generation that finally does electric beats + guitar perfectly right. I call it a prophecy. We'll see though.

I think I'm getting good at programming drum patterns. I get the workflow. It's all about reliquishing control of the project and just playing with the machine. It's the same energy in a jam session. You have to treat your partner with a certain amount of dignity. Even if that partner is just a machine that spits out sine waves in short bursts. Trust is the name of game.

I have two new songs I'm working on, as well as a few that are finished. I'll have an EP out before April's over.


I look like a homeless person. I don't really care. I've been less attentive to my appearance lately. I think it's all the German Transcendental stuff  I've been engaged with as of late.
"You're doing it wrong the right way. You're doing it right the wrong way. Find something in the middle."


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mat Zo & Porter Robinson-- Easy.

Great new track I found with an equally great video to go along with it. I think all house tracks should be required to have an accompanying anime music video to go along with them. ^_^ Daft Punk's, "One More Time" comes to mind, which is very much not a bad thing.

Get more at Ministry of SoundTV:

"You've got a shot." --Kai.

Justen Cody-- In My Pocket.

Hey world. This is a song by my friend Justen Cody. He's really good. I'm actually quite envious of his writing ability. So soulful and real.

"Sometimes it's the right person. Sometimes it's the right time. These two things rarely coincide."

Justen's Soundcloud and YouTube channel:


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Creative Commons Field Recording- Sunrise. Wasatch Front.

Hey everyone. This is a recording I made the morning before last. It's the sound from my porch as the sun comes up. I think spring is here! ^_^

"I loved her and she didn't love me back. This is called impersonal sin."


Paris Angels- Perfume (Loved Up)

This music is my birthright! ^_^ 1991. Rave on.

A big thanks to Mark Turver1990 for archiving some of the greatest music ever created. His/(her?) YouTube channel can be found here:

Check it out. There's a wealth of great music to be found here.

"At some point in your life, you'll discover the great secret and everything will be super disco from then on. This is the end of being an adolescencent."

Monday, March 11, 2013

New Film: Sunrise of Mt. Timpanogos (Raw)

Hey Internet. This a new film we did. It's the sunrise over Mt. Timpanogos as viewed from my porch. Tommy, Jace, and I stayed up all night to catch it (I suppose we could have just as easily gotten up a little earlier. :3) but they left before the actual sunrise because they were tired/pussys.

Watch in 1080p for maximum viewing pleasures. ^_-

"Oh Joy arise, the sun has come again to hold you."


Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Song: "Lonliness Isn't/Ain't."

Hey Salt Lake City Metropolitan Area. This is a new song I wrote. I think it has kind of a Florence + The Machine energy about it. It's 2 chords of feedback with the Vox and just one line,

"Loneliness ain't my only friend."


"Don't lose your saltiness."


New Creative Commons film music by The Rain. Use it to you liking.

"Jean Luc Godard."

The Rain's First Film. "Don't You Forget About Me." 我会想念你。

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been away. Things are going great. I just haven't had a chance to get on the keyboard.

This our band's first film. I titled it, "Don't You Forget About Me." because Bre's leaving for Austin next week. Bummer! Life goes on I guess.

I was going for an Andy Warhol vibe. This isn't people pretending to talk. This isn't edited. This is real (ish') life.

Thanks for watching. I love you. --Kai.
"Dignified Love that is both horribly critical and unconditionally accepting."

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Ambient Field Recording: My Washing Machine. Ambient Field Recording: My Washing Machine on the Last Cycle. 洗衣机

Hey guys. This is a new recording I made for practice. Creative Commons. Sorry I've been away, I've been rather sick for the last few days.

"Take-Away Curry. One sentence." --Kai.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

My first Ambient field recording.

Hey all. This is my first ambient field recording. It was recorded on my porch during a light rain storm. It kind of got botched due to raindrops hitting the microphone, but I think it's pretty interesting. They sort of sound like xylophone I think. ^_^  I don't think it's really useable in a production capacity, but if you have a use for it, it has been released under the Creative Commons liscense. Enjoy and have fun!

"I wonder what raindrops think about in the brief time that they're alive."

Johnny Marr plays Rory Gallagher's Strat! 三味線

This a video I found this morning of Johnny Marr playing Rory Gallagher's famous brown Stratocaster.

It's cool to see Johnny noodling around on top of a Bassman. It's very romantic. ^_^ Johnny's output recently has been incredible. Not just the new record but the videos and interviews and everything. I'm inspired. Keep bangin' it uncle John!
"There's only one us." --Kai.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Creative Commons Production Music, "A Flower Appeared."

Creative Commons Production Music by Kai Ikari.

A Flower appeared out of the dung-heap and told us to Love each other. He said nothing of God or the universe. He gave us just one sentence, "Love each other." Then the flower went away.

"I try not think. I know. When that's accomplished, I cease knowing and I feel."
I Love you.

Friday, March 1, 2013

FILMMUZIK. Creative Commons-- A new piece of material from Kai.

Heyall. This is a little thing I put together with the sampler. If you'd like to use it in a film/commerical/tv show feel free. It's Creative Commons material. If you do use it, please consider me for future projects that you might need trippy, ethereal music for. ^_-

"My brother Anton showed my how to take over the world with sound. It's really not that complicated actually." --Kai.

I WOULD SO JOIN THIS BAND: The Joshua Payne Orchestra. Salt Lake Music.

Hey. This will probably be my last post for today, but it will certainly not be the least in this humble bloggers eyes! ^_^ Introducing a band that I LOVE. The Joshua Payne Orchestra!  I don't use that word lightly.

This band takes everything I think I know about music and turns it completely on its head. They're an experimental Jazz (don't let that description fool you) outfit from Salt Lake City that is currently killing it in a very big way. I was lucky enough to catch them at Gracie's bar during the Sundance Best of Fest thing. It was a memorable night to say the least.

I was lucky enough to have a few words with the group, who was performing as a three piece. --Especially nice guys. Super chill, but enthusiastic as well! Check them out at Gracie's every Monday.

Jam on Joshua Payne Orchestra! I'm a fan. I hope you'll be as well!

Remix from DEADTV/Anton Newcombe. I Am Yours. I Am You.

Heyyall'. This is a remix from Anton Newcombe/Brian Jonestown Massacre. It really speaks to me. Anton's Berlin groove is really hitting me hard. It's all the best parts of British guitar music and British electronica/whatever rolled into one splendid little joint. ^_^

i am yours →わたしはあなたのもの
i am you→わたしはあなた
Check out Anton's YouTube if you like this sort of thing. I certainly do. There's a wealth of material  here.
"I found him. He was like an uncle. No. That's not it. He's more like my John the Baptist or my Obi-Wan Kenobi."
--Kai. Future guitarist for the Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Rain.


This is a band I recently discoverd through Hogan! They're a folk (ish) outfit that plays some pretty transcendental music. It's basically a drunken, amazing, folksy free-for-all with acoustic and electric instruments. Check out this video produced by SLRS Sessions  in Salt Lake City.

I'm sold. Super inspiring. I really need to go buy a banjo. Maybe a case of beer too! :D
"She was one and she was many. She was one of those sad, uplifting accordion songs that hear in the godless parts of Europe." --Kai.

Maximo Park- Girls Who Play Guitars. 厉害

Hai guys. Kai here. This is one of my favorite Indie/whatever songs ever. I don't really have a whole lot to say about it other than I find it really inspiring. This is just one of those tunes that's SPOT ON on so many levels.

I really only knew one girl who played guitar, but boy was she something else. <3
"You end up with being an acceptable cliche or an unacceptable eyesore. I then realized Pontius' advice wasn't always the most sound."

Johnny Marr + Ronnie Wood at NME Awards. Godlike Genius (ish) at play.

Johnny Marr + Ronnie Wood. NME Awards. I don't think Johnny is a Godlike Genius. I think he's just a guy that's inspired and likes to play guitar which is a lot cooler in my book.

First version:

Second version:
I Fought The Law with Justin Young
"Don't forget that you're the main reason why I'm doing all this. I do it out of intense Hatred and celestial, erotic Love. I creates a cool dynamic."

Reggae Music in the Wasnatch Front! Introducing Wasnatch!

A great new band I've just discovered: Wasnatch. They have that Sublime energy. It's not a reggae thing. It's almost more a California thing. Check them out!

"Brad Newell never died. He just became what he was singing about completely."

New riff/democrazy ft. Ms. Marissa Watson

Heyinternet. This is me and my wonderful sister Marissa in the studio/our basement trying to work out a riff I came up with this morning. She's on the piano and I'm just playing engineer. The Piano samples are from Kontact. I think it sounds pretty nice. The beat was added post-processing due to a a bad habit I have when I export things from SONAR X2. Initinally it was just her and a drum machine playing a 4/4 kick pattern real slow.

Today's been slow. Real slow. I'm glad things are moving in the right direction though. :D Hopefully, I'll be able to work on some film projects soon. Stay posted my love!
"You find people who systematically make mistakes similarly to you and you engage in a discourse that puts your primary purpose and joy as not making those same mistakes. It's the negative opposite of being a douchebag."

アイン Mein Sugar dog bein' a Corg.

This is Sugar. She lays like this sometimes. :D Great new song cooking right now with some fun Mixolydian insights.
"I saw Paul Weller once when I was 14. I'm 15 now and I think I know what I want to do with my life."