Thursday, February 28, 2013

An interesting find on YouTube.有趣 Future Sound of London

Some mysterious thing I've found on YouTube. It's by the Future Sound of London. You can hear the sounds that go into, "Papua New Guinea" as part of this great soundscape. Big thanks to clothmonkeybag for recording and uploading this. Enjoy.

I'm not exactly sure how I bumped into this, but I'm glad I did. I need to go trekking in the, "things related to Gorillaz and nanotechnology" part of the internet more often.

Rain Vlog Volumen Yon. 4: A New demo from The Rain! ^_^

Here's some new music that was made today. It's just me twiddling some knobs, but It's been a lot of fun.

This was an ambient thing that I did at 2. I don't have much to say about it other than I learned a lot about the wonderful world of mixolydia and black keys on the piano from running through it.

The second was made just a few minutes ago. It's just sort of a prototypical pop song run through a guitar speaker at a loud volume. I've been influenced heavily lately by Electronic and A.R. Kane.
The picute is from a guitar store in Las Vegas. It's me on a Rickenbacker 12 String. ^_^
"I don't terribly have any clever quotes. I just think that it's good to add a little extra sugar to Kool-Aid. I mean, you're already drinking Kool-Aid. You should make it fantastic."

New muzik to (not) take drugs to! 毒品

This is something I recorded around 1:00. There are some interesting harmonies inside.


 The nice thing with playing this way is you don't have to think linearlily about chords. You can stack progressions on top of each other at the same time and make interesting things happen. I tried to have a little counter-melody on top of everything, but when one plays keyboards in this fashion, one has little control ultimately.

I learned an new change while playing through this. It's basically like... You take a key and you lower the 7th to create a Mixolydian thing and then you go one black key down and you find this mysterious harmony that sounds like it's out of one of those hokey Jesus movies. It sounds good though. I guess it would technically be a Aug5->Min7->I->ect, but I could be wrong.

"I just want to make love to her. That's the only reason I do anything."


Johnny Marr does Reddit AMA.

Hey internet. Kai here. I just thought I'd do a post about the recent Johnny Marr reddit feature. It can be found here:

I haven't had time to go through of it yet, but it looks quite interesting. I'd love to sit and pick and Johnny's brain for a few hours. Anywho. The new music is fantastic. The haircut is great as always. I'm a little disappointed about the Jaguar thing, but that's ok. I'll forgive you. You're awesome manifest Johnny Six-string!

I've actually been learning a lot by imitating the way John attacks his Jazzmaster. It's the new sort of paradigm with Fenders that I'm really excited about. A rumbly mid-rage thump accentuating the already chimy zing of the Fender sound. It's a lot of fun observing my boy evolve and grow and develop new methods and ideas. Run on sentences are also pretty neat.

All in all. Keep at it Mr. Marr. We need you now more than ever. :3

Get the new album on Amazon.

"Yeah, it's beauty and Love and everything, but you don't have to make such a big deal out of it."

New song by David Bowie, "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)"

Hey yall. :3 So, David Bowie really is releasing a new album. It's really magical. Here's a thing from, "The Next Day."

An interesting piece. It's interesting the see Ziggy Stardust as a reflective older gentleman. David has a real knack for combining video and audio in tasteful ways. I'll have to have a listen to this and the new Johnny Marr album today.
Get it on Amazon.


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Neu Disco musik for The rain! ^_^ 迪斯科舞廳

New Disco muzik from The Rain. Salt Lake City's first choice in Ambient/Soul/Electronic/Hip Hop/Uzbekistaki/Trip Hop/Musique Concrete/RIN/Rock and Roll music!

It's fun playing the sampler. I'm ready to start making mi'own loops nao though. I have some ideas for overlapping 5 and 4 patterns that should be pretty cool. I'd like to get some things going with some really fast paced Jungle patterns. I've been able to do this cool thing with the controller where you turn the samples off and on really quickly and you get this cool Aphex Twin thing to happen if you do it right. It'll be neat to be able to randomize my own playing. ^_^ I have weird thoughts about Alphaville when I consider the possiblities.
"She's made up her mind. You might be able to change it, but we're working in the highest possible domain of possibility to say that. Still, I have faith in you kid."



This is some music I made influenced strongly by my favorite game ever Animal Forest. (^_^) Check it out if you're a fan of K.K. Slider and the like.

"The whole time, despite the anguish, she was inside of me. No one can rob me of her because she's inside of me. She's like my liver or something. Whatever it is she does, I hope she keeps working."

アイン sending telecommunetik using pressure differences.

Hey. This is my dog barking at some mysterious thing that all the dogs freak out about this time of day every day.


"The mountain was telling me something. It cried, save, those moments I didn't percieve its limits and mysteries to be a warning."

Nintendo Tiem. 任天堂株式会社 ft. 戸高 一生

Hai. Here's some music from the lovely Kazumi Totaka. He's my favorite composer I think. Yes, that is including Koji Kondo. I like Kazumi more.


"I have come to find that you are quite imaginary. I've also come to find that most things are quite imaginary. I'm in a bind as to what to actually do here. Nothing meaningful can come out of of two phantoms coming together-- Our one reassurance is the possibility that meaning never existed anyway. We're just meaningless blobs of nothing, engaged passionately with ourselves at some macro capacity. I find that kind of thinking quite romantic."

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

rain vLOG 3: Beetlebum cover.

Haikaihur. This is a really, really awful cover of Beetlebum by Blur. Check it out if you like awful things.

 "She has you by the something. It's not the balls or wallet, but she has you tied up somehow or another."

RAIN vLOG V2: African drums for liberty and solidarity.

Hai. This is just some moardrums from yesterday;

 "You should know that there's one person in the world who really, really digs you. That person is me, but we'll just keep that a secret for now, OK?"

Utahmuzik Volumen 1:

neumusicfrumutah. :#

"A man who can fall in love with the truth is invincible."

Monday, February 25, 2013

ギター Some thoughts about the acoustic guitar

I played the acoustic a lot today. It was fun. I'm getting a certain swing back that I haven't had in a while. It feels good.

It's a lot of fun messing around with open tunings. I've made good progress by observing the idea of modal tunings. Modal tunings are in my mind, basically tuning the guitar in such a way that modal voicings and harmonic structures are easier to access. A simple on might be tuning the guitar around a F# dominant chord to play a psychedelic blues thing.

I find that there's really two main approaches to the acoustic guitar. The first is the tone neutral method that leaves you with a proverbial sea of possibilities. There are no privileged points on the fretboard and the open strings are just seen as another set of notes. I like this approach. I think this is more how a jazz player thinks. I've come up with a lot of great, progressive music lately by thinking this way.

The second approach is the more banjo-y kind. Everything is played against an open string and an open chord. Everything begins and ends on an open string. You only end up playing in D, A, and G but it feels damned good. I like this approach as well. I think it's easier to find an access point when you play this way. It lends itself well to writing pop songs. You start viewing notes as these tapestries of 5ths and 4ths, with an occasional hinting of something like a minor 7th, a 2nd, or a 3rd. It's very diddly. I feel like a common person with this approach.

I think ultimately, both approaches have to be combined if one wishes to play robustly. I think it's good to not get locked into paradigms.

One interesting chord voicing that I've found by comparing and contrasting these two views is this one:

It's basically a common Cmaj7 thing changed slightly to create an eerie diminished phrase that's fun to play in the winter. ^_^

"I think I've fallen for you. I have fell for your sake."


Rain vLOG. #1: Acoustic rambulings. 僅 僆 僇 僈 僉 僊 僋 僌 働 僎 像

Hey. Kaihur. This is a new videorekorder(ing?) It's just me playing the acoustic. I'm in a weird tuning. It's basically E-G-D-G-A-D.

 "I'm not really a fan of The Beatles. I don't particularly like black music."

Sunday, February 24, 2013

We have officially reached 420 page views. :D

Celebration time!

MAI 私 Favorite band ever. EVER. Sleepover! ^_^

This is my favorite band ever Sleepover. They are the best band ever. They are better than The Smiths, Sonic Youth, The Jam, and The Rolling Stones all put together. I love them with big words that I don't really understand. It's meticulous.

Guitar/vocals...   Lydia Worden
Bass Guitar...      Braden J McKenna
Drums...             Stephen Walter


Another one of my other favorite bands that lives by me: Friend Of Mine!

This is another band that I like a lot. They live down the street from me. Check it out if you like cool shit like smashing guitars and Ferraris and stuff.


Wuna' mai favorite band; Baby Ghosts.

Hey everyone. This a band that I think is really fucking awesome. They're called Baby Ghosts. I really want to see them live. They have a 7-Inch out now(soon?) if you're into those sorts of things.

Neuvideo. abgekürzt VCR von englisch Video Cassette Recorder.


This is a video I made of me maekin' the drums and stuff.  It really helps to watch myself play. I learn a lot from my mistakes. I'd like to become more independent on my feet. Eh. There's always a lot of work to do. I need to get greasin' and maek some beats. I wish I had some people to collaborate with. I think I have a few phone calls to make.

Oh. Maijeans are Levi's 501s (which I've been wearing for almost a week straight. ;3) and my favorite shirt from H&M. I think it makes me look like Han Solo, but I digress. If you live in the greater Salt Lake area and like making crazy German music with tape echos and stuff, please send me a message. I'm especially enthused about synth bass's (esus) and playing the IPad through a boombox at the current time. ;D

"I could buy 500 pairs of Feiyues in Hong Kong and have shoes for the rest of my life. But no, I have kids and shit."


アインMahfluffahbur. :3

This is my stovenrough. She says,  "hello!"

"I see the meaning behind punctuation I guess. All I'm saying is that I find it restrictive sometimes."


御飯 Mai thing I made for breakfast.

Hai everybody. (I'm starting to feel like Dr. Nick) This is the stuff that I made for breakfast this morning. I felt inspired to eat eggs. The carrots were an after-thought after I realized that I didn't have any bread for garlic bread. They're cooked in olive oil on a medium heat for several minutes a long with  spices and a bay leaf. 



I'd wear tight Lee blacks if they still made then. 501's are pretty good too though.

America is not dead. 


愛as Haus meiner Großmutter. All the horrible Electronic music we've made.

Hey, hey hey hey.

This is all the electronic music we've made with the sampler. It's been a lot of fun working with StylusRMX. I'm learning how to use Reason and ReCycle currently, so that I can add self-created loops dynamically. It should be pretty sweet. 

Brefix Brin.I Call It Kaistep.To Bre or Not To Bre.

"I like it because it's real. For the first time, I actually have a real dilemma that requires moral conscience. This is blazing territory Jim, blazing territory!"


庵野 I miss getting up early for primary school.

It's 7:27 in the morning. It's a cold Sunday.
My chest hurts. I'm sure it will get better. I hope that's not irresponsible.
I haven't had breakfast yet. I didn't really intend to get up like this.

The day begins. I feel pretty comfortable. I need to get a pair of Rowley Pro's and some Thunders.

Immanuel Kant

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Today is going pretty good. I have things to do though. 

I had plans today that fell through. Oh well.

I need to watch Cosmos. Baaaaaaaaaby.

M65  Fishtail Parka + Boss DD-7 Delay. Kai. The Rain. 


It's a really nice Saturday afternoon. Everything is just enough.

This is mah' dawg. :3

This is my dog Sugar. She likes laying next to packs of cigarettes.


Visit my imgur if you like

Levi's 501! ^_^

Levi's 501 + Plimsols. I'm ready for everything.

Guthrie Govan - Suhr Demo 2011 私は十代の膣を愛して

I found this interview on YouTube with this guy Guthrie Govan. I find him highly amusing. He's also a  really, really good guitar player. 

I love this guy so much. I don't even like the guitar that much. 
It sounds really nice though. I'd like to have a fretless baritone. ;R

Desu. lol. 


This is the Cribs.
They're really great.

I had an eclectic breakfast this morning. I don't really recall all of it. There were peppers though.
I've had 3 dollars on my desk for some time. I have nothing I want to buy that's 3 dollars.
I think Gorillaz is just Neoplatonic Christianity with beats.
I want to feel excited whilst the world agrees with me. Init. :3

I wish there was some kind of cultural center. I wish we had a Chinatown. Even just a little one. I suppose we have the Mexican grocery store.

Things that are profound are made simply and innocently.

I wish I had friends from Tokyo and London.


My firstengütairz video Videorekorder. 私は時々たわごとディックスが好きです。それは、AからBに私を取得


This is the first (second technically) video that I made playing the old Efrender. The audio is high quality. If I'm not mistaken, the audio is a mix of the camera's audio and the audio, "in" the computer.

I need to have breakfast now. I'm going to have eggs I think. I haven't been eating eggs like I used to. I need to do that. I'm losing out on protein. I need to get sumoar kale tooithx.

Things are underway. That much can be said. Not a whole lot more though at the moment. If anybody has an azureglo Rickenbacker 12 string that they'd loan me, I'd really appreciate it. :)

Another day. I wake up. I do what I usually do. I do some unexpected things. I haven't been remembering my dreams lately, but I can feel them. They feel... Exciting.

I may have grown from teenager to young man in some holistic capacity, but I'm not giving up tight pants. I will wear 501's and Wranglers and stuff though.

Olive oil. Isn't it great? I bought a California olive oil from the grocery supercomplex the other day. It was quite good. I like cooking with it. I like doing other things with it as well. (8_0(()

I've been having a lot of cool insights. I think It's important to always consider other realities. It's important to (something, something) imagination.

"Creativity is more than just being different. Anybody can plan weird; that's easy. What's hard is to be as simple as Bach. Making the simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity.
Charles Mingus"


Friday, February 22, 2013

The Rain's Second Single! Yeah!

Hey Internet.

This is our second single. It was technically recorded first, but I want, "To Bre or not to Bre" to be our first single. This is just the version that I was able to shit out at 4 in the morning. I did the whole thing in one (meaning 23 or so) take(s) It was pretty daunting, but I got in on this like, Phil Spector vibe.

The chords are pretty simple. The structures are pretty simple. I was just trying to make a good little pop song. Sorry the video's so shitty. Again, I made it really late and had a fool's desire to get it done before sleeping. :3

Thanks for watching. If you'd like to see us perform live, we actually don't do live shows but if you live in American Fork and come to near where to cemetery and Jr. High late at night and listen, you'll hear our music being played. ^_-

“Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition." --Alan Turing.


John Squire. The Painter.

John Squire. Painter. Animator. Polymath.

Hip Hop Beats pt. 1 of ∞.

Yoall! This more or me playing with the sampler. I'm not using a a controller here. I'm just turning the samples on and off with the mouse. The picture is some cars by my house with a long exposure.

All and (in?) all, It's been really enlightening working with samplers and synths and stuff. The whole idea of envelopes is pretty wicked, especially coming from a guitar perspective. I'd like to set up guitar effects wtih LFO's and filters and stuff. I think I'm good with the DD-7 for now though. That kind of already takes as many batteries as it is. Plus, I kind of like the whole vibe of just carrying around my Vox in one hand and my Strat in the other. I can get reverb from the the room, thanks a bunch.

Those purple cables from Radioshack are working pretty well so far. I wish they were longer but whatever. I've been doing a lot of great work with the Fender recently. I'm starting to understand why Sonic Youth and J. Mascis use them and stuff. It's all about the attack. If you can hit a Fender the right way, it makes this beautifully nasty sound. I'd like to have a few Fenders. A Telecaster would be nice. I think I could kill it with a Jazzmaster though. I've been digging Elvis Costello a lot lately.

I'm going to make tomorrow productive. I think there's an extra battery for the 7D but I'm not sure. I really like film making. I like how bullshitty it is. I'd like to film more skating. Sadly, my front truck broke and I'm out of the game for nao. Life goes on I guess.

"Mistakes are almost always of a sacred nature. Never try to correct them. On the contrary: rationalize them, understand them thoroughly. After that, it will be possible for you to sublimate them."

Salvador Dali 


Some more recorded music and thoughts.

Here's some jamming on the sampler that I haven't shared the the Bloggerverse yet. I'm basically just turning an 8 track sampler on and off in tasteful ways. I think with the bassline and the groove though, It's kind of Reject False Icons. ^&*)^___&

"“The more I think about language, the more it amazes me that people ever understand each other at all.” 
― Kurt Gödel"


My first pop song and other things.

Hey thur.

It turns out Morrissey really did get cancelled after all. Postponed I should say. It's a drag. It affords me some time I guess though.

There's this girl I used to like that re-added me on my newly conceived Facebook. That's kind of nice.

There's these people that lock me into these negativity cycles. Ugh. Love each other. Love each other He said.

I'd really like a girlfriend. I mean, I could go get one and everything, but I'd like a good one. Someone that's really inspiring. Only a few people come to mind that are pretty inspiring and they mostly have dicks. Not that I'm averted to dicks or anything. I just need somebody not for a dicks for a while. Just for a while.

Still. I wake up in the morning with this wonderful kind of lonely. I imagine getting up and making things with olive oil for somebody. I imagine if that Secret thing is real, I'm doing my part. I think it will happen. It's happened to lesser and greater people that I. Still, the same thing could be said of the alternative.

I have friends that I really miss. It's alright though. I'm not mopey about it. It's nice having things to miss. Imagine seeing them again, even if just for the novelty. I'd like to meet them at R.C Willey personally. Then we can discuss each other's changed beliefs in furniture style. It will be stimulating to say the least.

No. I really am missing certain people.

Well! As for the happy things, this is my first pop song that I actually wrote and then recorded. It took about 2 hours, roughly. I think it's pretty colorful.


Capsule (カプセル Kapuseru?),

Hey ya'll. This is a band I've been listening to a lot lately.
They're called Capsule. They're a Shibuya Kei band. They're
hot like butter, butter on the say what, say what. 

I really, really like  this kind of music. I think It's just about perfect.
The changes are thought-provoking, and the rhythms leave me wondering
whether the drums are programmed or live. (probably a combination.)
I love finding music that's so masterfully put together that I can't find the seams.
Music so well crafted that can't break it apart and steal it. It's really inspiring.

Anywho! Morrissey starts in and hour and a half. I need to get ready now. 

"I've always believed that any instrumentalist is basically just an accompanist to the singer and the words. That's born out of being a fan of records before I was a fan of guitar players -- I'm interested in melody, lyrics, and the overall song. I don't like to waste notes, not even one. Who was it that said, "The reason why all those guitar players play so many notes is because they can't find the right one"?" -J. Marr.

Some new thing I made on YouTube.

I made this nerdy little loop this morning. I hope you think it's cool.

The picture I used is kind of small. I think it's because I turned HDR off on my IPhone. Oh well I guess.


Cucina Povera.

Today for lunch I made (I think) Cucina Povera. It was really good. I feel great.

Basically I just heated up some Olive Oil in a pan for a while. I then added a lot of garlic. I let the garlic cook for a little while and then I add some greens. After that cooked for a while I add a tomato. It was good, I think there's more effective ways of consuming tomatoes though. I think I'll make Tomato Basil tomorrow morning.


To clean the pan, I made an easy garlic bread by mixing a piece of whole grain bread with some oil and garlic. I then topped the bread with garlic salt. It was a quite good. A good alternative to buttery toast. To drink I had Dole's 100% Pineapple Juice (not from concentrate) and a cup of black coffee.

I'm an absolute whore for Lowry's. ZOMG. So good. 

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The race begins. It's Wednesday evening. American Idol is on. I hate that show. Not for some very good reason, I just find it dull. I'm sure like, technically, it's good for some reason. It has to be right?

I had a banana and some blueberries for dinner tonight. It was good. I didn't really get enough fiber yesterday. I should go get more of those little whole grain sandwhich halves. I don't always eat fiber, but when I do I like to take 200% my daily recommended value in the morning though. :3

I have an unusual aversion to commas today. I don't know why. It's probably because truthfully I don't understand them fully. I think technically I could have used a comma there. I don't know. I'm really bad at my own language. I can speak it well enough I suppose though.

I really like Crystal Castles. Like more than a friend. That type of music is just right. I want to get down with Nasse Laila to that type of music. (by the way nasse-laila.tv4everbro) It would be magical. That kind of music makes me not feel so bad about doing coke from time to time. I'm heavily influenced by their sense of style and their whole sense of things is really happening. I'd like to do a similar thing with a boombox. Just have a rhythm machine outing to a boombox through a lot of cool guitar effects. Then sing bitcrush vocals on top of it with a cool delay. That would be sweet. I'm going to do that.

I discovered a new workflow today that I may find useful later on. Basically, it's recording a part on top of drums and then taking the drums out later once that track is more developed. Then you have little parts and an atmosphere that's tied together, but you can't really tell why. It's sort of hard to explain but it's a simple idea. I think it would be cool to use the MIDI drum trigger with the sticks to play things other than drum samples. I think playing bass on the MPC is really the way to go. It's funner playing the Fender though.

I wonder about what Eric Clapton was thinking when he was in Cream. I think I'm approaching something similar. I have these romantic, youthful ideas about using a really overdriven Marshall to fill out the mid-range frequency in the band's sound. Like a baritone sort of. I think I'll tune my guitar down later. I'm discovering a lot of really neat ground by trying to find harmonies that aren't just that standard 0-5-7-9-12 sort of thing. I think there's some place for some Muse'y kind of riffs. I really like Muse. It'd be cool to be in a band like that. I bet they really have a spaceship too. I don't like playing blues though really. I feel like I'll always be compared to John Mayer and he's a lot better than I am. I like playing those notes though. My blues is more an appalacia thing. I like blues riffs that remind me of Antarctica more than ones that remind me of a swamp in the South personally.

I suppose I'll watch some Nadia tonight. I don't really get how Blogger works yet. Visit my YouTube if you want.

Check out the Jux here :

"“To be an artist means never to avert one's eyes.”  --Akira Kurosawa. 

Elvis Costello and the Attractions Rockpalast.

Hey. This is Elvis Costello. I think it's pretty cool.

I like Elvis Costello. With the suit and and everything. Super cool.
I need to do my laundry.

“Treat every moment as your last. It is not preparation for something else.”
Shunryu Suzuki, Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind


Well, I actually went back to school and GOT my Black Belt.

Hey everibudi.

I think I want to move to France. I don't know though.

I love Dr. Pepper I just wish I knew what precisely it reminds me of. It's like rib soda but it in a good way. All sweet and tangy. Nom.

I think I'm going to take a day off. Maybe. I don't know. I wish the wind would stop. Weirdly enough though, it's remarkably hot in my room, even with the window open.

I need to got chill with mai'quiniqs soon.

Anywho, this is a new video for ya'll to vibe with and iiiiiish. I was just trying to work out guitar parts.

"Enlightenment is intimacy with all things."
"삶의 소중한 순간들은 때때로 눈에 보이지 않는다; 입맞춤을 하거나 눈물을 흘리거나 꿈을 꿀 때, 눈을 감는 이유가 거기에 있다." - 무명씨"

I found that very inspiring.

I miss her rapids.

Hai evrywun. :3 This is Kai again.

This our first single. It's a(n?) house track. I wanted it to sound like the music they play at high end make-up counters.

There's other things We've made there as well.


I think the IPhone 4 is pretty god-Tier. liek. srs.

I'm going to try to make some more things later on. I have tickets to go see Morrissey tomorrow though. ;'D

"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them."

Hey everyone. Here's some material from the studio today.

Here's some material from a writing session that was held today. I think I have a good tune brewing.

I was trying to sound like the Smashing Pumpkins I think. I like how they sound a lot. I think it sounds a little bit like Sonic Youth too.

Another day. Another day. I guess it's night now. Hmm.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Hey. lol. This is just for everyone to know that I have a Blogger now. My primary blog will still be but this will be updated to.


For my first taste. So you can know what to expect.

I don't ever really drink a whole soda. I drink like the first inch and then bail on the idea. Soda makes me feel like I have diabetes. It's not a pleasant feeling. Caffeine Free Pepsi is good though. Diet Rite's alright too I suppose.

Anyway, as for the music, it's going pretty good. Have that loop I recorded, maybe I'll throw a beat on top of it.

I need to talk to somebody about getting some shows. I need to put some people together and start doing things publicly. Maybe I'll just invest in a boom-box instead.

This is my YouTube. You may find something you like there. I don't know. I'm no one's fortune teller. :3

I need to get down and watch Cosmos again tonight. I'm going to watch the time one next. I fear the day that I've watch all of them. They're so good.