Monday, April 13, 2015

Another successful mini tour with Super 78!

We did it again. We made the California coast our bitch. Great times. Great music. Great people. God do I love taking mushrooms. All you need is a groovy party. It's all set and setting. Los Angeles is beautiful. The oranges are cheap and sweet. People are nice. There's enough sunshine for everyone.

I'm excited. I think the whole band is. It's all in the execution. I wonder though, are dreams turned into reality or is it the other way around? There's a space where there isn't a difference. I like residing there. That surreal place between worlds. All the good things come from there. I think anyway.

Thanks to Lionel, Cesar and the lads (+Amanda), Drinking Flowers, The Cosmonauts, The Warlocks, Tomorrow's Tulips, Dream Boys and everyone else out there making real rock n' roll. You all make it worthwhile. Chime on brothers and sisters.

"We don't want your to be yourself, you see?"


Sunday, March 8, 2015

Report on yields and efficacy of Cannabis Oil. (Also how to make Cannabis Oil)

I've been making Cannabis Oil over the last week and loving it. I might stop smoking entirely even!

Cannabis is oil is made simply by suspending Cannabis in oil for a period of time. This can be done over heat or at a lower temperatures although this takes considerably more time. I make oil by combining butter, olive oil, and coconut oil in unmeasured but equal part in a pan. I then add roughly a 1/4 Oz. of Cannabis.
Half the Cannabis is in it's, "regular" state. The other half has been prepared in the oven.

Preparing Cannabis in the oven for cooking to increase effects:

 Break up Cannabis or grind finely using coffee grinder/the like. Breaking it up with your fingers is fine too. Next, wrap in tin foil. It doesn't need to be air-tight or anything. Bake at 240 degrees (F) for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Remove from oven. The material should be a brownish color. This prepared Cannabis is added to the oil throughout the cooking process to increase potency

Add roughly 1/8 Oz. of unprepared Cannabis to the oil on an extremely low heat. Enough oil should be used to fully suspend plant material. For 1/4 Oz. 3 cups works for me. More can be used per your mileage though! Cook for several (4-12) hours. Oil should never starting simmering. Heat should not be raised past the 1st or 2nd gas mark.  Add small amounts of Cannabis throughout the cooking process. You can create a similar process using a slow-cooker.

Do NOT add all of your Cannabis at the beginning of the cooking process! Add a little bit periodically throughout. This will diversify the types and amounts of Cannabinoids that are released into the oil. This process can be very fun. ^_-


Note the presence of bubbles. The oil should never simmer BUT! the presence of bubbles is an indicator of biochemical process' taking place in the oil. This means that the THC is being successfully infused into the oil and is a good sign. The oil can be used right-away or can be cooled an then stored. When cooled the oil (assuming you're using the same recipe as me) will assume a hardened state.
Add Soy Lecithin to increase potency. Store in freezer.

Alternatively, one might just suspend a large (1 Oz.+) amount of Cannabis in oil for a period of several days/weeks.

  Use oil for anointment, perfume, topical application, food (edibles!). everything!


  • Use of Soy Lecithin increases potency significantly. Soy Lecithin helps the body absorb fats more effectively.

  •  Oil made using this method is extremely potent. Use cautiously. Make a lot of snacks and underscore the amount of oil you use per snack. Effects will last 4-12 hours (days for some people) and will not de-intensify as gradually as say, smoking would. 

  • You don't necessarily need a whole lot of weed to create Cannabis food using this technique. 1/8 Oz. of weed can be used to create enough oil to make enough food for at least one person's food/tea for an evening. One should not consider the dosage the same way a sick person considers the dosage of their medication. One should cook using to a simple prescription and add oil lovingly to one's dishes as needed. By eating tastefully and sensually, the correct amount will be consumed. This creates a positive, sensual air and leads to a higher and more involved form of consumption.

    IMPORTANT: The manner by which weed food becomes economical is this:  Re-use oil. Re-use pan whenever possible! After some time Cannabis oil will be stuck to the pan and anything cooked in it will become weed food! It's possible to create A LOT of weed food from a relatively small amount of oil this way. It's a subtle form of magic. Stay high friends.

How to make (Weed) Japanese Instant Ramen 麻拉麺. (キャナトプレイメン)


  1. Canna-Oil. Canna Oil is made from plant material suspended in oil on a low heat for several hours. Alternatively, oil can be made by suspending material in oil at room temperature for several weeks to create a very potent oil. I use a mixture of Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and Butter.
  2. Your favorite instant noodles. You can make noodles from scratch from flour. It's really time consuming though. I just use do instant. ;3
  3. Mirin! Mirin is great. Get it at the Asian grocery store. If you don't have access it can be omitted though.
  4. Brown Sugar. Use a fair bit of it. 2 1/2 Tablespoons per bowl of soup.
  5. A bit of Garlic clove. Add to liking. I add a lot because I love garlic!
  6. Ginger. Cut Ginger into blocks. Re-use blocks for subsequent bowls of Ramen. 
  7. Green Onion or Scallions to liking. Use them as a topping upon serving. 
  8. (Optional) 1 Teaspoon of Sake. Use conservatively. Pairs with Soy Sauce and Mirin.
  9. 2 Tablespoons of Soy Sauce. Use conservatively. Pairs with sugar and Mirin. 
  10. (Optional) 1/2 cup of Vegetable/Meat broth. This adds flavor. Isn't completely necessary though! Think simple. Japanese cooking is all about simplicity. 
  11. (Optional) Kelp. It's delicious and nutritious. Get some.
Mix Soy Sauce, Sugar, Ginger, Garlic, Mirin, Sake, and Instant Noodles mix in a bowl. Add noodles. Keep from breaking them if bowl can accommodate. Add water.

Add 2 cups water OR enough water to suspend noodles up to their halfway point laterally. They must be submerged enough to cook and absorb water but not fully submerged! There are many ways of cooking instant noodles though. This one however is especially to my liking as it creates a noodle that is firm but still well cooked.


Cook for exactly 3:13 in microwave. Do not adjust time for power of microwave. When soup is ready, serve with topping green onion and/or Kelp as topping. Various vegetables can be added as well. It is best in my opinion to use vegetables raw as a compliment to the soup then to try to use them as the soup is being prepared. This rule does not apply to Ginger however which should be used throughout. I think this approach is more in-line with Asian cooking methods as a whole. Radishes are especially good as a topping! Make sure everything is mixed. Let cool to eating temperature. NOW! Add your Canna Oil. Dose Canna Oil to necessity. I like 3 tablespoons or so for a very potent soup. Consume with spirit!

It's important that our oil is used at the end, after the soup has cooled a bit so that weed don't lose any of our precious Cannabinoids!   


Daoist magic (巫): You can make never-ending bowls of weed Ramen by following a simple prescription: When one's bowl is half way full, eat to the 1/4 full mark. Re-use this bit in the next bowl. Add just a bit of Canna Oil. (less than we started with) for each subsequent bowl. Re-use the ginger and vegetables. The soup gains potency with each prepared bowl! After so many bowls, the adding oil becomes unnecessary. This applies to all steps of the cooking process. 

A Prescription (recipe) for making and serving weed foods economically.

This is an overview of a series of techniques I've been using in my cooking cannabis at home. 


  1. Olive Oil, Cocunut Oil, Butter (Ghee is great too! and you can make it yourself. 
  2. A quarter-(x amount) of Cannabis. There isn't a huge need to use ounces of weed at a time. You can still make potent goodies with smaller amounts. Just increase the time the material sits in the oil.
  3. (Optional) Hashish/Kif in any measure; increases potency.
  4. A large pan that will be re-used throughout the day. 
 First thing to do is create the oil. Mix oils in pan on very low heat. Very low as in below the 1 mark. Allow enough oil to suspend plant material. For added efficacy of effects DIFFERENT types of weed are mixed into oil and different stages of the infusion process. Regular weed at the beginning. Decarbed weed later on. Cook the oil on (very) low heat for a period of at least 3 hours. Exact measurements of weed-to-oil ratio are unnecessary. Just use enough oil to fully suspend material. Use different sized pans for different sized batches. Bonus!) Leftover oil can be used in subsequent batches of oil for higher potency.

Different Cannibinoids are released at different times/temperatures of the cooking process. By adding material at different stages of the process, we raise the diversity of chemicals that are released into the food. This creates a palette of feelings and sensualities that are distinct to the cook and kitchen be utilized.

The next step is deciding what you want to make. We need to establish a set of pragmatic rules for cooking with weed. You're free to create your own as you practice but a few of mine are:

  1. Recycle everything. Keep an active kitchen. Don't let things get cold. --This allows everything to "brew." Time is your friend here. Make a big thing out of cooking it. Invite people over!  
  2. Practice Teaism.
  3. Remember the sensual.  
  4. Remember that group eating is in the overall a lot cheaper and easier. Make things family style!

I like to start with Tea. We can add oil directly to tea if we like, but for guests a Chai Masala seems more reasonable. Easily enough we brew the drink in the usual manner. With some preparation the drink can be marvelous. The trick is to add the oil directly to an ALREADY brewed cup of Chai. Non-violence is tantamount in weed food preparation. Create Masala by mixing Mix Powder (Google it), Garam Masala, and Chai Masala mix into milk. Add equal parts water and brew as if though one were brewing a strong tea. Add Ginger for stomach-healing effect. Be conservative in application of heat.

Chai Masala mix is something pre-made that can be bought at any Indian/Asian grocery store. If you like drinking Chai Masala I suggest getting some. It's really cheap. If one does not have access to an Indian grocery store A simple mix can be made from Peppercorns, Garam Masala, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Saffron, Cardamom pods. You be creative in creating your very own Chai mix to suit the needs of your kitchen!

Important rule! DO NOT set heat above the 2 mark! Oil needs to be warm/hot but NOT simmering. Small bubbles are fine. Oil should not be boiling but small, infrequent bubbling is the result of gas release from chemical process' happening in the oil. That means it's working! ;3

Well done! Let's add a tag-This is an overview of a series of techniques I've been using in my cooking at home. along to that Masala. Toast some bread and add oil when it it finished toasting. Grab the hot toast and place it directly in the pan. Don't let the bre
  1. Ingredients 
  2. Olive Oil, Cocunut Oil, Butter (Ghee is great too! and you can make it yourself. 
  3. A quarter-(x amount) of Cannabis. There isn't a huge need to use ounces of weed at a time. You can still make potent goodies with smaller amounts. Just increase the time the material sits in the oil
A large pan that will be re-used throughout the day. ad soak up ALL the oil though. Just have fun with it.

Now let's do lunch. Get some vegetables and a lime together. Saute in Wok on a high heat using Canola oil (add some Canna Oil if you like) Onions are great carmelized. Add Canna Oil when vegetables are cooled. Serve with lime juice. Create sauce using Mirin, Soy Sauce, and Sugar. Add to liking. Add rice for family serving.

Through all of this article; this is one long session of cooking. These recipes are made to follow one-another. The key is to re-use oil whenever possible.

If we intend to use meats or fish in our pan, we have to do it to the end of the day/cooking session for concerns that are obvious. Heating up already-cooked meats in oil though is approved and highly encouraged though!  

Let's make Chicken Tikka Masala (a version of it anyway.) Make chicken in a separate pan. Sauteed chicken can be great. Marinate the chicken in a combination of sauce if desired. Teriyaki (described earlier) + Canna Oil is great. For this though we're going to go for a mix of pastes and a bit of our magic oil.
  1. Ingredients 
  2. Olive Oil, Cocunut Oil, Butter (Ghee is great too! and you can make it yourself. 
  3. A quarter-(x amount) of Cannabis. There isn't a huge need to use ounces of weed at a time. You can still make potent goodies with smaller amounts. Just increase the time the material sits in the oil
  4. A large pan that will be re-used throughout the day. 

Chicken Tikka Masala Sauce:

  1. 2 Tablespoons Tandoori paste. (Panak's is good)
  2. 2 Tablespoons Tikka Paste
  3. 1 Tablespoon Kashmiri Masala
  4.  1 Tablespoon Kebab Paste
  5. Garlic and Ginger to liking. Mixed in a paste is good. About 2 Tablespoons is nice.
  6. Citrus to liking. Limes, Lemons, Oranges, and anything really! Go nuts. 
  7. Mix Powder (Google it)
  8. 1 Tablespoon Canna Oil
  9. (Optional) Milk, Almond Milk, Single Cream. (Add to pastes in the beginning. Add at the end to the dish at the end to sweeten. 
  10. (Optional) Brown sugar, Raw sugar, White sugar (sweetener)
  11. (Optional) Red food coloring.  
  12. Pre-Made Chicken (Saute in Canola Oil, Fry in Canna-Oil, however you like it. Marinate chicken in paste for more flavor.

(Also, let's heat up some garlic and ginger in a pan with some of our oil. We ARE NOT using the pan we used to make the oil in. That sits and waits on a low heat.

Heat things up
  1. Olive Oil, Cocunut Oil, Butter (Ghee is great too! and you can make it yourself.)
  2. A quarter-(x amount) of Cannabis. There isn't a huge need to use ounces of weed at a time. You can still make potent goodies with smaller amounts. Just increase the time the material sits in the oil
  3. A large pan that will be re-used throughout the day. 
Add paste. Let this cook for about 6 minutes on a high (ish) gas mark. Once everything is cooked let cool briefly. Add milk (Almond milk is great) Coconut milk is great too. I use Coconut Powder and sweet Almond Milk. I use Whole Milk sometimes too.
Heat it up a bit. Not too hot. Don't let the milk boil. it will curdle. Get it hot but not too hot.

Let it cool just a bit more. Add 2 Tablespoons of Canna Oil to the dish and serve over rice.   

The approach is this: Plan meals/dishes in such a manner that the oil and leavings of one can be used as a compliment for dishes cooked subsequently. This is all done in the same pan. Throughout the day everything blends together and anything cooked in the pan becomes weed food! ^_^ Go forth and do alchemy friends!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

A return to the Not-Spoken-Of.

I woke up this morning. I had made a bed out of couch cushions on the floor of my father's studio. I like sleeping like this. I got to be with my beloved in a dream last night. She seemed so well. I woke up in a vigor; I was once again ready to seize life; seize life for her sake-- my own sake. Everything's sake. For sake's sake. I felt like Willem Dafoe in The Last Temptation of Christ.

The feeling begins. Very tender, very loving. Then the pain starts.
The feeling begins. Very tender, very loving. Then the pain starts.
The feeling begins. Very tender, very loving. Then the pain starts. 

She's real.
She's a Buddhess. 

It's happening. Slowly, it's happening. 

The dawn of the S ² Engine. 

(Eternal life. Love burning love. Yoga (That which is done for it's own sake))

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Currently stoked on Vol. 232342

Currently stoked on: Darjeeling Tea. Flipper's Guitar. University of Utah Library. Having a job. Not having work until Thursday. Listening to Blur with Cat Behind Glass. New band with Rocky Maldz. Hanging out with Andres. Big Star. Not having beef with anybody and Sbarro.

Not stoked on: Cigarettes. Not having money. Our shower being broken. Not having a girlfriend. Thinking about ex-girlfriend. Anything that isn't Flipper's Guitar.

We're (Super 78!) Playing A Show Tuesday w/ Colbalt Cranes.

Hey everyone. I'm playing bass with Super 78! tomorrow night at Diabolical records. We're playing with sensational group Cobalt Cranes. Come out for solid tunes, lots of feedback/jams, and good times. (Diabolical Records. Thanks Adam!)

I'm currently doing well; not super well but well. The kettle broke. Ugh. Tap water Tea it is for awhile.

Hats off to Nina Simone and Pharaoh Sanders. 

(You (are) loved.) --Kai. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

How To Clone John Lennon The Right Way.

First step: Acquire John Lennon DNA from source. Source could include oils/skin cells on old guitars/equipment, strands of hair, Sean/Julian, ect.

Use DNA to clone John Lennon body/brain. Body would be discarded after process. Brain may be kept for further mapping/storage.

Use neural mapping technologies to create a model of John Lennon's brain. Brain would be stimulated to approximate events in his life until maturity.
  1. Events could be changed to create, "alternate universe" John Lennons.

Use neural map to create simulated reconstruction of John Lennon's brain inside computer. Computer will need significant computing potential. Cluster arrays may be useful.

Use hologram technologies used for 2Pac to reconstruct visual copy of John Lennon's body.

Use sophisticated computer algorithms as control for hologram. Seed data would be provided for by previously mentioned reconstruction of John Lennon's brain.


Set up installations throughout major cities where one can interface with the LENNONBRAIN at will.

All you need is love.