Sunday, May 19, 2013

Let's all get High and Watch Anime- Volume 1: Ashita No Joe.

Enter episode one of a delicious new meta-series I've cooked up.

Today on, "Let's all get High and Watch Anime" we watched Ashita No Joe. Original manga by Ikki Kajiwara (梶原 一騎 Kajiwara IkkiAnimation by Osamu Dezaki (出﨑 統 Dezaki Osamu

This show is great, but I decided to start with episode 7 which is like the most depressing thing I've experienced in some time. Basically, Joe gets sentenced to a year in Juvi for some reason. (They don't explicitly say why.) The art is really good and the music is like all Quentin Tarantino as fuck.

Kazumi Totaka- 9PM.

This is a stellar track from, "Dōbutsu no Mori (どうぶつの森?, lit. "Animal Forest") a game that was released for the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive and eventually the Gamecube. It's pretty fuckin' groovy. This clip is especially good because the uploader somehow managed to distort the track so it sounds kind of like a Hip Hop song or something.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Jun Ishikawa, Dan Miyakawa-- Cocoa Caves

Music from Kirby Superstar. It's especially great if you pretend it's like an old Japan or Pink Industry single. :3

"Feel Alice. Sound like Alice. Resound."

What up. Sonic Youth is the shit and other things as well.

Hey what up everyone. This is Kai. I figure I don't write enough, so I've decided to take up the pen. I'm just going to go free form I guess.

What do you think? I mean, really?

I've come to this conclusion that make valuation statements about things is meaningless. No-one has an honest opinion of anything. Think of all the friends you have. You really hate most of them, but do you? Are you a moral person, perhaps you're a bad friend? No. You like them. You don't hate them. You're the upright sort, fundamentally.

Do you ever get that feeling of dream-nostalgia? They're are places I've been to that I've never been to. It's bizarre. Kim Gordon's voice sounds so good. J'Accuse Ted Hughes.

Do you ever get memes that pop-up in your life repeatedly? I keep seeing, "Cut at 300hz" everywhere. It's probably just a confirmation bias, but I don't know.

Don't you miss the Salt Lake punk scene? What happened niggers? I mean, I really wasn't old enough to go to shows or anything but I basically grew up around that shit. What happened to all the cool Emo-rock bands? I went to a Dinosaur Jr show last September and all the kids under 25 didn't know who Fugazi are. That's a fucking shame, really. On a related note, Guy Picciotto is probably the best guitar player ever.

Anyway, peace America. Hopefully your economic turndown will reverse itself in the near future. I'm pretty hopeful. Remember, buying war-bonds is like punching Hitler right in the face.


(Signed, but not for legal purposes this signature is non-binding to any individual.)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Johnny Marr- There Is a Light That Never Goes Out.

It's so good.

"Jagu-Are."  -Kai.

Kai Ikari-- I Want To Be A Long Exposure Photograph.

I wonder if I'll ever find the right girl. Here's hoping. I'm listening to Electronic right now. I feel pretty good. I'm excited for tomorrow. I wonder if I'll ever get to really meet Michelle. That would be neat. Anyway, here's to playing bass using a synth. --Kai. 

Photography: The Moon Rising Over Those Mountains I Don't Actually No The Names Of.

Electronic- Getting Away With It.

Johnny Marr has been playing this at his live shows. That's really fucking groovy. I also saw this video of He playing with Nile Rodgers. You rule Johnny Marr. --Kai.


I've been writing a lot using altered minor tunings. Altered tunings are like cheating. It makes finding new, interesting things so easy. Anyway. Peace.

Dubstar- No More Talk

This is my favorite band Dubstar. They're better than The Smiths. --Kai.

DJ Krush- Beyond Raging Waters

(Japanese things)

Today's top things:
  1. Mixing Tang and Crystal Light together
  2. Ginger
  3. Spice Girls
  4. Clueless being on repeat on Comedy Central
  5. Garage music

The Rain- Toxoplasmosis

This is a thing I made with my cat Nubs. :3

Goldfrapp- Believer

You'll rue the day your crossed me Trebek.

Air- Cherry Blossom Girl

I said once that I would join the French Foreign Legion because I'd be more apt to defend the integrity of France and the world than America. I stick by that to a certain degree.

Ladytron- Playgirl

I love this so much. :'3