Monday, April 13, 2015

Another successful mini tour with Super 78!

We did it again. We made the California coast our bitch. Great times. Great music. Great people. God do I love taking mushrooms. All you need is a groovy party. It's all set and setting. Los Angeles is beautiful. The oranges are cheap and sweet. People are nice. There's enough sunshine for everyone.

I'm excited. I think the whole band is. It's all in the execution. I wonder though, are dreams turned into reality or is it the other way around? There's a space where there isn't a difference. I like residing there. That surreal place between worlds. All the good things come from there. I think anyway.

Thanks to Lionel, Cesar and the lads (+Amanda), Drinking Flowers, The Cosmonauts, The Warlocks, Tomorrow's Tulips, Dream Boys and everyone else out there making real rock n' roll. You all make it worthwhile. Chime on brothers and sisters.

"We don't want your to be yourself, you see?"