Monday, April 7, 2014

Kai's Celestial Journey To Become a Master of Tantra.

I'm listening to OK Computer right now. It's not my favorite Radiohead record but it's not my least favorite.

I made a Tantric oil last night. It was made of less than equal parts of squeezed orange juice and Olive oil. I later added coconut oil. It was invigorating. I'm hoping to make my cock bigger. NOT THAT I NEED IT OR ANYTHING WHAT NO WAIT COME BACK. I was always skeptical of quelquing. I think it's working though. There something higher than that though. I need to breathe more. Just one conscious breathe. That's all that it. It's all about consciousness. Consciousness as a verb; a happening. That and Love. I need Love. Is it selfish to ask for?

Who is thinking my thoughts?

Arctic sheets and fields of wheat.

Swing the bat.

I recall watching FLCL at Evyn's house. Haruko is coaching Takun. She says,

"All you need to do is swing the bat."

There's something so beautiful going on. Something new but something perennial too. I miss her but I've got to get passed that to get at her again. I've got to get way passed it. I have so much catching up to do and I'm not all that graceful of a runner. I have endurance though. I've been through the worst. I hope anyway. It's spring now. It's time to start caring. Time to start applying our full integrity and consciousness to this life we've been tasked with living.

You mark my words I'm going to get my fucking Grade 10.


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