Sunday, March 8, 2015

Report on yields and efficacy of Cannabis Oil. (Also how to make Cannabis Oil)

I've been making Cannabis Oil over the last week and loving it. I might stop smoking entirely even!

Cannabis is oil is made simply by suspending Cannabis in oil for a period of time. This can be done over heat or at a lower temperatures although this takes considerably more time. I make oil by combining butter, olive oil, and coconut oil in unmeasured but equal part in a pan. I then add roughly a 1/4 Oz. of Cannabis.
Half the Cannabis is in it's, "regular" state. The other half has been prepared in the oven.

Preparing Cannabis in the oven for cooking to increase effects:

 Break up Cannabis or grind finely using coffee grinder/the like. Breaking it up with your fingers is fine too. Next, wrap in tin foil. It doesn't need to be air-tight or anything. Bake at 240 degrees (F) for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Remove from oven. The material should be a brownish color. This prepared Cannabis is added to the oil throughout the cooking process to increase potency

Add roughly 1/8 Oz. of unprepared Cannabis to the oil on an extremely low heat. Enough oil should be used to fully suspend plant material. For 1/4 Oz. 3 cups works for me. More can be used per your mileage though! Cook for several (4-12) hours. Oil should never starting simmering. Heat should not be raised past the 1st or 2nd gas mark.  Add small amounts of Cannabis throughout the cooking process. You can create a similar process using a slow-cooker.

Do NOT add all of your Cannabis at the beginning of the cooking process! Add a little bit periodically throughout. This will diversify the types and amounts of Cannabinoids that are released into the oil. This process can be very fun. ^_-


Note the presence of bubbles. The oil should never simmer BUT! the presence of bubbles is an indicator of biochemical process' taking place in the oil. This means that the THC is being successfully infused into the oil and is a good sign. The oil can be used right-away or can be cooled an then stored. When cooled the oil (assuming you're using the same recipe as me) will assume a hardened state.
Add Soy Lecithin to increase potency. Store in freezer.

Alternatively, one might just suspend a large (1 Oz.+) amount of Cannabis in oil for a period of several days/weeks.

  Use oil for anointment, perfume, topical application, food (edibles!). everything!


  • Use of Soy Lecithin increases potency significantly. Soy Lecithin helps the body absorb fats more effectively.

  •  Oil made using this method is extremely potent. Use cautiously. Make a lot of snacks and underscore the amount of oil you use per snack. Effects will last 4-12 hours (days for some people) and will not de-intensify as gradually as say, smoking would. 

  • You don't necessarily need a whole lot of weed to create Cannabis food using this technique. 1/8 Oz. of weed can be used to create enough oil to make enough food for at least one person's food/tea for an evening. One should not consider the dosage the same way a sick person considers the dosage of their medication. One should cook using to a simple prescription and add oil lovingly to one's dishes as needed. By eating tastefully and sensually, the correct amount will be consumed. This creates a positive, sensual air and leads to a higher and more involved form of consumption.

    IMPORTANT: The manner by which weed food becomes economical is this:  Re-use oil. Re-use pan whenever possible! After some time Cannabis oil will be stuck to the pan and anything cooked in it will become weed food! It's possible to create A LOT of weed food from a relatively small amount of oil this way. It's a subtle form of magic. Stay high friends.

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